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We want to help your organization leverage innovation to think more creatively to increase your revenue, efficiency and impact, saving you time and money!

Parry Sound Muskoka Community Network has recognized ‎an opportunity to help businesses, organizations, and the public engage in more innovative practices.


What does that mean?

We are defining innovative practices as development and/or implementation of new internal/external processes, new products or services, increased efficiency and new ideas on how to solve existing challenges. Innovation also relates to partnerships, start up strategies, structures, and operation styles and include blended impact goals (economic, social, environmental). Innovation can apply across all sizes and sectors of business and organization!

Why is innovation important to your organization?

Developing the right tools and resources to assist your organization in being more innovative can:

  • • Increase your productivity
  • • Increase your efficiency
  • • Assist your business to change, adapt, see new opportunities and ultimately be sustainable in the long run
  • • Create employment and an opportunity to retain our youth in our area  
  • • Improve your HR practices
  • • Improve your access to the right talent
  • • Create better value chain linkages within and external to the region
  • • Help you develop new products or services
  • • Help you adopt new technology and keep up with today’s evolving marketplace
  • • Increase your profitability
  • • Meet and learn from other successful businesses and organizations
  • • Increase positive social impact
  • • Improve environmental stewardship



We are looking to undertake a comprehensive research process to make sure we accurately capture the innovation needs of our businesses, organizations and the public! This will involve surveying, focus groups and open houses. 

The development of the strategy will proceed in 2 phases – the first will involve a comprehensive survey of businesses and organizations around the region, followed by focus groups with selected businesses across the region. During this time we will also be connecting directly with innovation stakeholders to better understand the services they can provide and where they can potentially fit into and support the strategy. We will also be undertaking targeted surveying with the public to get a cross section of community innovation needs. This information will be used to identify priority areas, which will be further defined in the second phase.

The second phase will involve undertaking additional focus groups to help refine business, organizational, and community objectives and actions.  It will identify and activate partnerships.  This phase will also involve further community surveying, as well as a chance to weigh in on the final development of the strategy with public open houses.

We intend to have a completed strategy and begin implementation by September, 2018.



This survey is the first in a series of steps to help us better understand the innovation needs of businesses and the community at large. The data will be rolled up to create a regional innovation strategy, resulting in tangible actions to help your business save money and grow. Please take 10 minutes to complete the following survey to share your thoughts on how innovation might apply to you, and the broader Muskoka/Parry Sound business community and public.

To say thank you, we’ll be offering every participant the chance to win a one of the five innovative technology gifts: 

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By submitting a response to the survey and providing us with your email address, it will be assumed that you wish to be entered into the draw, and in doing so are deemed to have agreed to be bound by these rules.*


*Limit of one entry per business/organization. The winners will be drawn at random from all valid entries. The winners will be notified by email by December 15, 2017. PMCN reserves the right to cancel the free prize draw at any stage, if deemed necessary in their opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of their control. The survey will be available until 11:59:59pm est on November 30, 2017.